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Pasqualino Colombaro

PASQUALINO COLOMBARO researches and is active on comparative issues of union representation and union democracy, labor politics and economics, and alternative economic initiatives in the cooperative, private and public sectors. As a former social worker, elected union leader, professional union representative, organizer and educator for SEIU, he assisted public sector human service workers in Massachusetts. He served as coordinator of several cross-national research projects in comparative labor economics involving the US, Europe and Japan. He also contributed to planning and organizing the program of the Boston Social Forum in 2004 and its extensive Alternative Economy track. Currently he coordinates the efforts of the Global Economic Alternatives Network (GEAN:)

CURRENT INTERESTS: Limits of democratic decision making and rule enforcement. Nuts and bolts of building horizontal and egalitarian social relations in the work place. Successful engagement in creating and sustaining alternative economic initiatives. Funding Alternative Economic Initiatives. Bringing about lasting change in social and economic relations by devising and deploying effective non-violent, concerned and egalitarian means.

Sarah Horsley

A life-long activist for social justice, Sarah Horsley is active in the BEAN (Boston Economic Alternative Network). She has done organizing, advocacy, and research to support efforts for fair housing, women\'s and worker rights, and corporate accountability. Currently Sarah is most passionate about community education, and teaches courses on corporate power, intersections of race and gender with current global economic policies, and environmental issues. She has taught at University of Massachusetts, Boston, Tufts University, World Learning SIT Graduate Institute, and Springfield College - School of Human Services. Sarah received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard\'s Kennedy School of Government and a bachelor\'s degree in Feminist Studies from Stanford University.

Mike Leung

Michael Leung is working on starting a worker cooperative credit union. He graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 2000 with a B.S. in Engineering Physics and completed his Ph.D. in Physics at Princeton University in 2006. Michael consults for the Princeton University Physics Department. His primary interests are human rights, power structures, poverty, and development. He currently lives in Berkeley, CA.

Thomas Ponniah

Thomas Ponniah is the co-editor of Another World is Possible: popular alternatives to globalization at the World Social Forum, one of the co-authors of Unholy Trinity: the IMF, World Bank and WTO, and the co-editor of The Revolution in Venezuela: critical perspectives on the Chavez government (Duke University Press 2009). Ponniah is also the coordinator of the E5 Forum, a monthly event which hosts panels by local and global movements discussing alternatives to the contemporary form of globalization.