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Reading Materials

Link to 2009 WSF Background Reading

  • Ethan Miller,  "Other economies are possible! Organizing toward an economy of cooperation and solidarity"
  • Ethan Miller, "Solidarity Economics: Strategies for Building New Economies From the Bottom-Up and the Inside-Out"
  • Ethan Miller, "Solidarity Economy Circle Map"
  • Ethan Miller, "Other economies are possible"
  • Laurent Fraisse and Isabelle Guerin and Jean-Louis Laville, "Économie Solidaire: Des Initiatives Locales a L'Action Publique"
  • Binario Etico - Soc. Cooperativa Informatica Solidale, "Carta dei Principi dell'Altra Economia"
  • Angelo Tria, "Altraeconomia" Newsletter del Segretariato Europa CGIL, "Rafforzare i Comitati Aziendali Europei"
  • José de la Fuente Jeria, "El Contrato de Transporte de Hidrocarburos entre Bolivia y Enron Shell/Transredes"
  • Davide Biolghini, Networking at local level: Solidarity Economy Districts (DES)
  • Yvon Poirier in collaboration with Emily Kawano, "Building the solidarity economy in North America"
  • Radhika Balarishnan, and Diane Elson. "Auditing Economic Policy"
  • Salvo Leonardi, Jurgen Kaedtler, Anna Kwiatkiewicz, Richard Pond (2007). "GLO.R.I Globalisation and industrial relations. Information and consultation rights in some chemical TNCs"
  • Mike Lewis, Dan Swinney. "Social Economy and Solidarity Economy"

Coop de Mujeres 2009 WSF Alternative Economies Seminar Documents Holte, Fritz. The economic system after the crisis ripess- Caderno economia solidaria versao Charter of ripess unisol- Convite World fair trade day 09 May 09 Another economy is possible! Waterfalls
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El Pozon: Modelo de Desarollo Integral: Un documental filmado en Coro, Estado Falcon, en el Noroeste de Venezuela. Producido por Kellie Germond y Jorge Tovar. Version con titulos y creditos en Espanol. Una version con subtitulos y creditos en Ingles tambien esta disponible.
József Róbert (2008). The Give-Take Room. József Róbert (2008).
Give-Take-Store (Change-Market). Kristoffer Lüthic (2008).
Ekobanken Presentation. Lars Pehrson (2008).
Merkur Presentation. Stefano Maruca (2008).
Building Alternative Solidarity Economy. Peter Bozso (2008).
ESF: On Cooperatives John Restakis (2005).
Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies: The Lessons of Emilia Romagna. Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), USA