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Global Economic Alternatives Network (GEAN)

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the GEAN proposes to analyze and monitor the emergence of 'best practice' alternative economic initiatives and principles, with a focus on how these activities conjugate new, egalitarian work organizations with environmental sustainability, healthy/quality production of goods and services and mutual social and economic assistance. The GEAN seeks to reflect on the significance and role of such economic initiatives in developing a coherent theoretical framework based on actual economic practice, alternative to both liberalism and neo-liberalism. The GEAN aims to map out best practices in the cooperative, ethical, ecological, fair, equitable, participatory, solidarity and alternative Labor initiatives in the public and private sector and to lay the basis for cross Europe, US and global/local collaboration. The GEAN seeks to establish a clearinghouse of information and educational resources for alternative economic initiatives at the global level. The GEAN is working to complete a yearlong comparative project on networking, mapping, gathering of expertise and theoretical reflection on global alternative economic 'best practices'. Coordinator: Pasqualino Colombaro